by M. E. Layton

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Hereditary witch Morgaine Clemenson was enjoying a peaceful existence living above her metaphysical shop on the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks until one Halloween, a handsome stranger appears with a fantastical tale of time travel, demon incursions, and hints of a link to Avalon and Morgan Le Fae.

Victorian gentleman Alexander Ramsey has come to enlist Morgaine’s aid in ridding the human plane of a demon, but in the struggle to win the battle against the demon, Morgaine just might lose her heart to Alex. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if Alex wasn’t expected to vanish forever - leaving her behind - once the job is done.


Paranormal ~ Paranormal Romance ~ Fantasy

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"Fantastic, brilliant, marvellous, can't wait for the film. I have enjoyed thoroughly... When is next one out? I need to know." - J.C.

"Just full of good a double-chocolate chocolate chip cookie with LOADS of chocolate chips!" - B.A.

"You were doing a signing Sunday?! I wish I'd have known, I would have been there - I'd have given up SEX for that!" - H.R.